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This message was added on 2015-07-30

Along came Mr Atkins - actually there are two, Matt and Rich.  They had a successful plumbing firm and wanted a new website quite quickly.  We created Atkins Gas Services for them and a short interview with these busy people provided the content details we needed.  One or two more visits to the office and then - Job done!

What our clients say
Nigel Harris, Serious Music

"The Serious Music webstore seems to be going well. Sales in the last quarter were over double what they have ever been before!"

Andrew Sibley, Creation Science Movement

"Worldwide Webdesign have provided very useful tools for developing our website with imaginative solutions and friendly advice."

Andrew Burnett, Burnett's Estate Agents

"I would just like to thank you for your efforts in producing the website. I am delighted with the result, and look forward to working with you as the site and system 'settles in' to our day to day regime.  

The women in the office, who are not computer literate in any way, are surprised and enamoured with the simplicity of loading properties, and I'm sure that as their confidence grows in their ability to use the system, they will find it even easier to use as time goes on.
Thank you also for altering the photo - it does look much better without the reflection, and was a nice touch! "