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Please find below our terms and conditions, which govern the relationship with our clients


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In instructing us to perform any work that we do on your behalf, you agree that these Terms of Business will govern our relationship with you, and by placing your order you are deemed to have accepted these terms. Nothing contained in these terms may be varied, replaced or superseded unless such alteration is confirmed by us in writing. Search Engine Optimisation is not included in our standard services unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Domain Name
Choosing the domain name of the web site is your responsibility.  We may suggest name(s), but you are required to confirm the(se) name(s) in writing. The domain will be registered in your name as an individual or in the name of your company.  If you have a particular requirement for the domain to be registered in a particular name, you must confirm this to us in writing.  If we hold your Domain name we will renew your Domain automatically, and invoice you accordingly, unless agreed in writing otherwise.  You must give us a minimum of 6 weeks notice of cancellation of the Domain name.

Web hosting
We shall host your website unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to impose additional fees for extra time spent in working with a hosting company not recommended or approved by us. We shall not be held responsible for loss of earnings, or other financial liabilities, which are the result of circumstances beyond our control.

Checking details
The responsibility for ensuring that the content and functionality of your website - including the spelling - is correct and complies with all current legislation and statute is entirely yours. We will not be held responsible for any prosecution or legal action of any kind that may result from the publication of your website. You must carefully check and approve the draft of your website prior to publication, and check that messages posted on the website arrive in your mailbox. Notification of any alteration or addition you wish us to make must be given to us in writing. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, resulting from an error in the above not being checked.

All content must be legal, and must not contain any nudity, or other offensive material.  All content and online trading must comply with the laws of the United Kingdom, and any applicable laws of any other countries in which the business is trading.  A breach of these conditions may lead to the website being suspended or removed. No refund will be given for any unused period (or remaining portion of the contract), paid for in advance where termination occurs in accordance with these conditions.  Any material published on your website must be copyrighted to you or you must have written permission to publish such content.

A deposit is due from you before any web design work is carried out.  A subsequent payment plan will be agreed at the start of the project.  The payment of the balance is due within two weeks of us completing the main build of the site whether or not you need more time to check any part of the site, or add additional content. The balance must be received in full before the site goes live, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Before the site goes live, a maintenance fee is agreed between you and us. The fee may contain license fees for the use of some of our software. The amount may be payable annually or monthly.  All payments, including annual maintenance and web hosting fees must be paid within 10 days from the date of invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing.  Failure to pay these fees within the agreed period will result in a 10% late payment surcharge, which will be added to your account. Once any of the fees are more than 60 days late we reserve the right to suspend any or all services we provide to you.  This may include the removal of the website and disabling of Email services of the domain(s). We may also cancel the auto renewal of your domain name(s). However, you will remain liable to pay fees owed for the remainder of the contract. To resume these services after termination for non-payment, all outstanding fees including the late payment surcharges referred to above must be paid in full.  We reserve the right to charge a re-activation fee, details of which will be advised to you. This must be paid in full before the services are resumed. 

The copyright to all the content and images on the site provided by you belongs to you, but the copyright for our code on the site - if applicable - belongs to us.  This is to prevent third parties reselling packages we have developed. In order to protect this copyright, we will not pass on the FTP details to you, or to a third party under any circumstances.  In the event that you would wish to place the website with another web hosting company, provision can be made to release the site to allow this with or without our code.  If the code is included, a legally binding guarantee must be signed by you to confirm and agree that you will not allow the PHP codes to be resold, lent, hired, passed on, transferred, revealed to or otherwise disposed of to third parties. Violations of this condition will result in legal action against you.   In the event you wish to transfer your website to another web design company provision can be made for us to release a version of the site without our Content Management System or protective code, provided all fees have been paid.  This may incur an extra charge and we reserve the right to charge an administration fee for releasing the site, details of which will be confirmed to you. Any content/images provided by us will remain our copyright until appropriate fees have been paid at which point ownership will be transferred to you.

Browser Support
We will ensure that your site(s) function(s) on the major Internet browsers.  However, due to differences between the browsers, the pages may look slightly different on another browser.  We shall not be held responsible for difficulties arising from people using unusual or older browser, or where ISP's fail to show the content of the pages and/or related shop areas correctly.  We reserve the right to charge additional fees if the client requests functionality for older browsers that we do not support.

Terms for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Contracts and / or Social Media Marketing Campaigns
The minimum term for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is 12 months, unless agreed otherwise in writing.  The contract can be cancelled after six months if we fail to improve the rankings of the majority of the agreed key words.  After 12 months the contract will become a rolling contract for which two months' written notice must be given to terminate. SEO is a long-term investment.  Due to the nature of this service some goals may take longer than others to achieve.  Whilst we will provide an estimate of predicted results, the actual results may take longer due to the complicated nature and unpredictable practices of third party services. Some results may take longer than 12 months. Success in SEO is determined in improved rankings, not visits, sales or enquiries.  Whilst we will make every effort to maintain your rankings we shall not be liable for a sudden change in rankings as a result of Search Engine updates or competitor SEO campaigns. We are not responsible for what the Search Engines display, and we shall not be held responsible from difficulties arising from anything displayed or not displayed by third party sites, including the major Search Engines.  The minimum term of social media marketing campaigns is 6 months unless agreed otherwise in writing. After 6 months the contract will become a rolling contract for which one months' written notice must be given to terminate.

What our clients say
Nigel Harris, Serious Music

"The Serious Music webstore seems to be going well. Sales in the last quarter were over double what they have ever been before!"

Andrew Sibley, Creation Science Movement

"Worldwide Webdesign have provided very useful tools for developing our website with imaginative solutions and friendly advice."

Andrew Burnett, Burnett's Estate Agents

"I would just like to thank you for your efforts in producing the website. I am delighted with the result, and look forward to working with you as the site and system 'settles in' to our day to day regime.  

The women in the office, who are not computer literate in any way, are surprised and enamoured with the simplicity of loading properties, and I'm sure that as their confidence grows in their ability to use the system, they will find it even easier to use as time goes on.
Thank you also for altering the photo - it does look much better without the reflection, and was a nice touch! "