Business Management Software

Do you want to make your business more efficient? Save time and cut costs?

Our bespoke Business Management Software can help your business grow!

If you are looking for a single, user-friendly and reasonably priced solution for small businesses try the new Business Management Software from Worldwide Webdesign.

Our business management software is completely bespoke; at the core of it is a flexible task management system that has most of the features built-in. ...But then we build it around the client's individual needs!

Don't pay through the nose for off the shelf business management software when you can get it bespoke - after all why pay for expensive features you will never use?

Bespoke Business Management Software that Save You Money

We specially format the software for ease of use - minimising staff training. There are not a lot of redundant features that use up screen space and make it difficult to operate.

Ultimately, the investment that you make in creation of the task management software will in most cases save the business many hours in administration and the cost of staff wages.

Task Management Software that streamlines your CRM

Our business management Software consolidate and manage your customers and business contacts, customer relations management, document administration, track and record order processing, invoicing, diary management and task administration and many more vital jobs.

Task management software can be integrated with accountancy software if required.

Business Management Software Designed for Your Company

Our core package has the basic ingredients but we design and customise it around our client's individual needs.

This is a real IT solution to simplify your business processes -all online.

Boost profitability because it reduces administration costs and it allows you to see where your company is most profitable and where the gaps need filling.

Task Management Software that Streamlines Communication

The right task management software improves communication: everyone with permission will be able to see at a glance what colleagues are doing from wherever they are; whether at home or on a smart phone. Whoever has access to the information via the login system can see the information they need.

The system can be used to send internal messages and, if required, the sender can see whether messages have been read or not.

Link your information together, view your performance with ease & analyse your results.

The business management software system can grow with your business - a lot of the data is stored in the database and you can add workers as necessary onto the database and start using the records for that user straightaway.

Grows With Your Business!

Our system is expandable when your business develops. Your bespoke business management software will allow for multiple branches when your workforce expands.

Please speak to our team, to find out what our Business Management Software can do for your business.

What our clients say
Nigel Harris, Serious Music

"The Serious Music webstore seems to be going well. Sales in the last quarter were over double what they have ever been before!"

Andrew Sibley, Creation Science Movement

"Worldwide Webdesign have provided very useful tools for developing our website with imaginative solutions and friendly advice."

Andrew Burnett, Burnett's Estate Agents

"I would just like to thank you for your efforts in producing the website. I am delighted with the result, and look forward to working with you as the site and system 'settles in' to our day to day regime.  

The women in the office, who are not computer literate in any way, are surprised and enamoured with the simplicity of loading properties, and I'm sure that as their confidence grows in their ability to use the system, they will find it even easier to use as time goes on.
Thank you also for altering the photo - it does look much better without the reflection, and was a nice touch! "