Bespoke Booking System

Bespoke Booking SystemAre you looking for a bespoke booking system?

Have you got a business where you need to track data, bookings or any other financial information?

Are you looking to save time and energy getting your website to do the work for you, with easy reporting? Make your staff more productive?

Then you've come to the right place!

A bespoke booking system is a great timesaver and automatic helper for:


  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Bycycle Hire Centre
  • Takeaway Service
  • Caravan Hire
  • etc


Bespoke booking systems we have created for our clients go far beyond just a simple website element offering simple booking of details.  They include such things as


  • Online paperless Diary
  • Can be accessed securely from any PC or Smartphone
  • Built in reporting will help you save time
  • Invoicing
  • Cleaning rotas
  • Menu Planning
  • Stock ordering


In fact any features you require can be bolted on to your booking system - and you'll only get and pay for those features that you want, not a lot of other applications that are of no use to you.

Worldwide Webdesign have over 15 years of experience with booking systems and we delight in creating bespoke booking systems for our clients.

Our core booking systems have most of the features that you are likely to need and any features that you require, can be created on demand. 

No booking system is the same, even for hotels and bed and breakfast - there are subtle differences between them. 

The trouble with finding a booking system online is that it's been designed for a specific set of circumstances and that may, or may not, fit your criteria.

We have spoken to so many clients that have gone ahead with a booking system from a web designer where the company had not created the system and struggled to fit it to the criteria for the client. 

Because of the unique way that our own systems have developed over the years, the systems are flexible, modular and most importantly built in-house which means our programmers and developers can exactly match them to the customer's requirements. 

At the start of any project, for a bespoke booking system is the initial consultation. We are based on the south coast of England  in Eastbourne, Sussex but long distance is no object - we can speak on the phone, on Skype, or visit you, and of course visitors are always welcome here. 

The confidential consultation is the first step where we find out about your business, not just in broad terms but eventually in great detail.  The first consultation which usually lasts about an hour will give us the ideas that we need to create a bespoke quotation that will underline the bespoke booking system. 

Since all companies and booking systems, are so different, it is impossible on this page to quote any prices but the early consultation will give us a ball park figure which will be followed up with a detailed specification.

So call Worldwide Webdesign for a chat about getting your bespoke booking system.  Whether you're booking, or just looking, we have all the advice you need.

What our clients say
Nigel Harris, Serious Music

"The Serious Music webstore seems to be going well. Sales in the last quarter were over double what they have ever been before!"

Andrew Sibley, Creation Science Movement

"Worldwide Webdesign have provided very useful tools for developing our website with imaginative solutions and friendly advice."

Andrew Burnett, Burnett's Estate Agents

"I would just like to thank you for your efforts in producing the website. I am delighted with the result, and look forward to working with you as the site and system 'settles in' to our day to day regime.  

The women in the office, who are not computer literate in any way, are surprised and enamoured with the simplicity of loading properties, and I'm sure that as their confidence grows in their ability to use the system, they will find it even easier to use as time goes on.
Thank you also for altering the photo - it does look much better without the reflection, and was a nice touch! "